Employer Profile - B/E Aerospace Canada

B/E Aerospace Canada creates products that optimize existing designs, space, and enhance aircraft capabilities by deploying responsive integrated engineering, design, and certification capabilities. From aircraft doors and mission equipment to storage solutions, B/E Aerospace specializes in business, regional, VIP, utility and special mission aircraft

Vice President & General Manager, Udaya Silva, says B/E Aerospace employ engineers, aerospace technicians and administrators. “The occupations most in demand are highly skilled and qualified engineers and technicians,” said Silva.

B/E Aerospace provides complete training for employees in technical skills – computer, engineering – as well as soft skills – coaching and leadership and corporate training programs for supervisors. “B/E Aerospace looks for employees with a positive attitude, the drive and desire to get ahead, an entrepreneurial outlook, as well as the technical capabilities required for the roles,” added Silva.

Silva sees growth in after-market products and services for aircraft currently in use. “We expect steady, healthy growth over the next three years and we’re expecting to employ more aerospace technicians.” The diversity of work in aerospace is attractive for technicians. “We work on multiple projects that demand unique skills and capabilities and keep our engineers and technicians engaged. No one project is the same as the other.”

Careers in aviation and aerospace requires a high level of qualifications and skills. Information on education and training options is available by contacting the Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Council: www.manitoba-aerospace.mb.ca.