Community Learning with Weeks Without Walls

Grade Nine Students continue to learn in the community during second Weeks Without Walls

We are excited to have completed our second Weeks without Walls at NMC.  This week was made possible by an extraordinary number of community partners and professionals who volunteered their time for the benefit of our students.

Weeks without Walls, our intensive theme weeks, provide chances for students to be exposed to topics, careers, and ideas that are new to them.  These weeks often allow students an opportunity to explore different areas of interest through field trips and experiential learning.  Allowing students to learn through outside experts will help them envision potential careers and learn about passions over the course of the year.

In this Week, our Grade 9 students chose from the following themes (Click on each of the following titles for more details and photos):

Students explored these topics by meeting with experts, going on tours, and creating new products.  Using these experiences, students will reflect on the skills they have developed, the careers that connect to those skills, and their own interests and aptitudes.

We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for creating such interactive, informative, and engaging sessions, tours, and experiences for our students:

  • Lianne Harbour-Klukie and Dr. Wayne Hildahl and the Pan Am Clinic
  • Bertram Schneider and CBC Radio
  • Louis Riel Arts and Tech Centre
  • Lori Slobodian and Career Prospects
  • Geri Rempel, Warren Peters, and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Manitoba (CME)
  • Val Fehr and Food and Beverage Manitoba
  • Elisa Solomon and Manitoba Print Industry Association (MPIA)
  • Barb Bowen Manitoba Aerospace Human Resource Council (MAHRC)
  • James Murphy and Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC)
  • Benjie Aytona and Film Training Manitoba (FTM)
  • Patrick Skene and The Graffiti Gallery
  • Peatr Thomas
  • Scott Henderson
  • Neeginan College
  • Skills Canada Manitoba
  • Nikki Spence and MTCM-Massage Therapy College of Manitoba
  • Dr. Darrin Thorvaldson and n8 Chiropractics
  • Dr. Laura Cottom and Centre for Natural Medicine
  • Alexa Clayton and Melenie and Manitoba Tourism Education Council
  • Cory Guest and Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service
  • Cold Country Pork
  • Colour Ad
  • BeeMaid
  • Angela Broadbent and the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Pablo Felices-Luna and Manitoba Theatre for Young People
  • Aviation Museum
  • Fort Whyte Farms

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