Did you know that Manitoba is a leader in the aerospace industry worldwide? That we manufacture and export incredibly unique products around the globe? Or that the arts and cultural industry is so vibrant and diverse in Manitoba it we are referred to as the ‘cultural cradle of Canada’?

Our province is rich with career opportunities and there’s no better place to set down roots and watch your future flourish (or that of your child or student). Our standard of living is high, cost of living is low and we have sports, recreation, tourism and culture second to none in the world.

The Manitoba Career Prospects program is a resource to help students, parents and educators explore the many rewarding and enriching career opportunities available in a multitude of industries in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Career Prospects site provides resources and information on:

We also offer resources to Educators including the ability to request:

  • Speaker / Presenter
  • Industry Tour*
  • Career Fair Display

*Tours are subject to availability and safety regulations.