Manitoba Trucking Association

The trucking industry plays a vital role in Manitoba’s economy. There are over 13,000 Manitobans directly employed in the truck transportation sector, and figures show that for every ten jobs created in the trucking industry, seven jobs are created in associated industries. The transportation and warehousing industry employs 5.7% of Manitoba’s labour force, and consistently makes up 6 to 7% of the provincial GDP. Not only is trucking a major contributor to Manitoba’s economy, it is a critical service provider to the rest of the industries driving the Manitoban economy such as wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture.

The Manitoba Trucking Association exists to develop and maintain a safe and healthy business environment for its industry members and has been doing so since 1932. We are, first and foremost, an advocacy group working on behalf of the trucking industry. The Manitoba Trucking Association is the voice of the trucking industry in Manitoba. We are comprised of Carrier members and Associated Trades members. We have over 250 member companies that represent over 10,000 employees. Those member companies represent about 20% of the for hire trucking companies in Manitoba whose fleets represent over 75% of the trucks licensed in Manitoba. Our Carrier members range in size from one‐truck operators to companies with over a thousand trucks. We have PSV (for‐hire) fleets, private fleets, household mover fleets, heavy haul fleets, couriers and local cartage companies among our membership. Some of these carrier members stay within city and provincial limits; others are involved in cross‐border trade and international shipping.

The Manitoba Trucking Association is a member of the Canadian Trucking Alliance. The Canadian Trucking Alliance is the federation of the seven provincial trucking associations and has over 4,500 member companies nationally. The mandate of the Canadian Trucking Alliance is to represent the trucking industry’s viewpoint on national and international policy, regulatory and legislative issues that affect trucking.