Manitoba is home to Western Canada’s largest and fastest growing bioscience industry. This industry currently employs over 5600 full time workers in the province and generates an annual revenue of over $2.5 billion. 82% of this revenue comes from export, with the industry’s two primary markets being the rest of Canada (42%) and the United States (31%.) Over 179 businesses are engaged in the Manitoba bioscience industry and with the recent development of industry-led initiatives, such as the Protein Innovations Canada, Manitoba is primed to be a leader in the Canadian functional food and nutraceutical space.

The Manitoba bioscience industry consist of organizations that are dedicated to developing alternative energy sources, improving sustainability and protecting the environment. Bioscience organizations in Manitoba - such as Valent Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Emergent BioSolutions and Vita Health Products - are key contributors to the growth of Western Canada’s sectors and economy.

Associations / Sector Councils

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Bioscience Association of Manitoba