New Media Manitoba (NMM)

New Media Manitoba is a non-profit association that provides support and economic opportunities to businesses and individuals in the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) industry. NMM fosters an environment of innovation where people make connections and collaborate on IDM projects and educational pursuits.

NMM’s mandate is to ensure Manitoba’s IDM industry has access to relevant and affordable technical, creative and business training to address industry skills gaps and business development programs to increase economic development.

Learn more about the Interactive Digital Media and some exclusive NMM Programs below: 

  1. IDM Industry Overview for students.pdf
    If you are curious about your career prospects in the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) industry, we want to help get you in the door faster! NMM supports students with industry driven educational opportunities and pathways to real jobs with our amazing member companies.
  2. Girls in Gaming (GiG) for teachers & students
    Girlsingaming.oi is an NMM program dedicated to creating a fun and collaborative space for young women to explore the technical and creative possibilities of video game development. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of designers, creators, and engineers.
  3. NEW - Women in Gaming (WiG) for students & creators
    Women in Gaming is a new NMM post-secondary initiative designed to create a fun and collaborative space for women and students who identify as women to explore the technical and creative possibilities of video game development. WiG achieves its objectives by delivering free game-related workshops, speaking engagements, and industry-type events led by experienced industry professionals.
  4. Network Speaker Series for listeners & learners
    NMM’s Network Speaker Series brings world-class experts to the province (or virtually) to educate the local interactive digital media community on a broad range of IDM topics, from the future of entertainment, to encouraging ethics and diversity in work environments, to co-creative methodologies, to game development & more.
  5. Game Jams for everyone
    The Winnipeg Game Collective is a Winnipeg-based community group focused on game development and hosting community events for everyone. Peg Jam is Winnipeg’s annual game jam where developers, designers and newcomers interested in the industry can come together to build a video game in under 48 hours. The WGC provides a collaborative and fun environment on their Discord channel to team up individuals of all skill levels to participate in local and international game jams.
  6. Tech Hub for teachers & students
    This one-of-kind program offers select students a curriculum that encompasses coding, art, project management and narrative. Learning directly from leading industry mentors, students worked on complex, large-scale projects on teams gaining incredible real-world experience.

Contact NMM for more information about our programs and initiatives.