Career Profile - Construction Electrician

Rosalind Paszti-Jones

‘Multi-skilled’ is a good word to describe Rosalind Paszti-Jones.

After graduating from high school in Ontario she earned a College diploma in graphic design. It was her desire to work in an active, hands-on career that led her to explore education and training at IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Training Centre as an Apprentice Electrician.

“Growing up, I thought about being a police officer, a chef or a pilot,” said Paszti-Jones. “I wanted to be active and engaged in a career. While working as a graphic designer, I realized sitting at a desk all day did not suit me. I needed a job that was more active and where I could be challenged on a daily basis,” she added. “I found work with a general contractor and through that experience became interested in electrical work.”

Rosalind had to overcome a few obstacles in her path to a career as an electrician. “It was hard to get my foot in the door initially, but my determination and eagerness to learn the trade showed others that I was serious about pursuing this as a career, said Paszti-Jones. “It is a challenge being a small woman in a physical career. People sometimes underestimate your abilities but I’ve found creative ways to accomplish things. I didn’t have a strong background in math or science, but have surpassed my expectations in these subjects since beginning my apprenticeship – in large part due to the programming and resources available through the IBEW 2085.

The variety of jobs is also something Rosalind finds appealing about careers in construction. “There is no ‘typical day’ of work,” she said. “The work environment and hours can be different depending on the job. For new builds the work can be more routine, but outside of that it can vary from working by yourself to working in a team environment.”

Rosalind points to her growth in knowledge and experience in the industry as something she is most proud of. “I started as a novice and now other workers are asking me for help and advice,” said Paszti-Jones. “I am able to pass on my knowledge to others and that’s very gratifying.”

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