Career Profile - Talent Buyer, Booker, Promoter

David Schellenberg

Getting paid to do what you love? For David Schellenberg, his job hits all the right notes.

As a talent buyer, booker, and promoter, David finds, brings, and promotes local, national and international music acts to the province.

David graduated from Kelvin High School and attended the University of Winnipeg, but like many jobs, most of what he learned, he learned through real-life experiences. “I started putting on and promoting shows when I was 15 for touring bands who were coming through town,” said Schellenberg. “Eventually, I started working the door and ripping tickets at The Lo Pub where I convinced my boss to let me put on a couple shows.”

After parlaying his initial success into a regular gig as The Lo Pub’s booker and promoter, David worked in the local music community for several years before landing his current job at The Good Will Social Club in Winnipeg.

Typical duties for a music promoter includes planning upcoming shows, distributing posters and tickets, and spending lots of time on-site and at night managing show logistics.

“A few career highlights include getting to put on shows for some of my favourite artists, including a sold-out Danny Brown show at Union Sound Hall, flying in METZ for the Big Fun Festival in 2014, and then watching acts that I booked in the early days become very successful such as Mac DeMarco,” said Schellenberg.

David’s advice to students is to be open-minded about the world of work. “Life works in mysterious ways and you never know where you’re going to end up.”

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