Career Profile - Apprentice Electrician

Meagan Robinson

From the first time Meagan Robinson started working part-time, she was drawn towards jobs that were hands-on.

After graduating from Ecole Churchill High School, Meagan explored a number of career options. She chose the Electrical Applications program at Winnipeg Technical College – now Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology.

“After a year of university I decided I wanted to do more hands-on learning,” said Robinson. “My brother was taking a carpentry course at the time and told me the course work was split between the classroom and the job site and that appealed to me.” Meagan completed her level 1 & 2 at Winnipeg Technical College in 2011. “I haven’t yet reached my career goal and am working towards it as a level 3 electrical apprentice,” she said. “Being a woman in the trades has its challenges but it’s rewarding to be doing the same work as the men and earning respect.”

As an apprentice electrician, Meagan has developed her skills with such companies as Wescan and McCaine Electric and appreciates the work and variety of tasks she is asked to perform. “Each day is different and there are multiple job sites so it’s never boring,” she added.

Meagan credits her mother for her guidance, inspiration and support throughout her career path. “My mother is a strong, smart and independent woman,” said Robinson. “She went back to school when she was 44 years of age to become a lawyer which was very inspiring.”

Her advice to students looking for the right career is to get informed. “Learn as much about all the career opportunities that interest you and take a good look at skilled trades,” she said. “The work is interesting and you can earn a lot of money with the right training.”

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