Career Profile - Aerospace Technician

Dana Sochaski

They say having a passion for what you want to do, getting a good education, and setting goals and working hard to achieve them, are the keys to finding the right career. Then aerospace technician, Dana Sochaski, is ‘hitting on all cylinders’.

While attending Tec Voc High School, Dana decided to pursue a career in aerospace with the help of her teacher, Terry Holowaty, and the excellent vocational options offered by the school. “Beginning in grade-nine, Tec Voc gives you four different vocational options to try throughout the year,” said Sochaski. “After studying aerospace for half a year I was hooked and continued right up to graduation. The high school even provided a work experience opportunity which really helps you decide if that’s what you really want to go into,” she added.

Dana graduated with a dual diploma – one academic and one vocational in aerospace. She then enrolled in the Red River Stevenson Aviation program and completed the Gas Turbine Repair and Overhaul program in 2011, Level I Magnetic Particle Testing Inspection in 2012, and Level I & II Liquid Penetrant Testing Inspection in 2013.

As an aerospace technician at Standard Aero, Dana is looking forward to growing and moving ahead in the company. “There are a variety of skills you can become certified in,” she said. “You’re always learning and experiencing new things.”

Her advice to youth considering their career path is to experience as many different jobs as possible. “All work experience is valuable – just be open to change and keep learning every day.”

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