Career Profile - Marketing Manager

Karen Jurkowski

As marketing manager for a private label at Bee Made Honey Ltd., Karen Jurkowski’s job entails launching new products and acquire new accounts.

A typical day for Karen can range from office administrative work to closing new contracts with retailers across the country.

She started her journey towards a career in business after graduating from Springfield Collegiate Institute in Oakbank, Manitoba.

Karen decided she wanted to go into business thinking it would offer diverse career opportunities. “I graduated from the Business Administration program at Red River College and decided to further my education at the Asper School of Business where I earned an Honour’s Degree in Commerce,” said Jurkowski.

As with many young workers, one of Karen’s biggest obstacles entering into the world of business was getting senior management to see her as a valuable member of the team. “My philosophy was to put in a lot of hours and focus my energy on being productive,” stated Jurkowski. “As I learned more, everything became easier over time and I earned the respect of my co-workers.”

The most enjoyable aspect of Karen’s career is working with people within the local food processing industry. “There is a strong bond and sense of pride with producers to keep their work local. The ‘Made in Manitoba’ brand is very important to all of us.”

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