Career Profile - Accounts Manager

Amy Monkman

When Amy began her career working as accounts payable clerk at Manitoba Cooperatives Honey Producers, she did not think she would love it as much as she does.

After graduating from Kildonan East Collegiate, Amy began working in the food processing industry, which led her to continue her education at Red River College.

“I was excited and eager to learn something new,” said Monkman. “My work experience right out of high school inspired me to pursue accounting at Red River.” Amy had to manage a full-time work schedule with a full-time school course load – an obstacle she overcame with sheer determination and hard work.

A typical day for Amy includes issuing cheques, processing and reviewing invoices, reconciling accounts as well as entering and submitting payroll. It’s a good thing she enjoys multi-tasking. “I like being able to take on new tasks which keep me engaged. Mixing up my routine makes work interesting.”

Although early on Amy was unsure of what career path to choose, her parents were there to keep her motivated to find the career that she enjoys today. “The advice my parents gave me is the same advice I would share with students today – stay positive, work hard and keep striving for what you want in life. You will succeed.”

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