Career Profile - Artist Management

Tim Jones

Working in the music industry is something Tim Jones wouldn’t give up for anything. Jones is the co-founder and head of Pipe & Hat, a Winnipeg-based artist management company, label, and recording studio.

He studied English at the University of Winnipeg, but says he gained his music industry training the old-fashioned way: on-the-job. “Every band and artist is an entrepreneur,” said Jones. “In essence, I’m not just running one company, I’m the running the businesses of all the bands we manage.”

There are no typical day-to-day duties in his line of work. One day, Jones will be writing reports for the office and the next he will be on his way to a conference or festival. But it is this hard work that has garnered Jones and the Pipe & Hat team many accolades including the Western Canadian Music Awards 2014 Manager of the Year.

“Every time one of our artists accomplishes something, it’s a highlight. When they release a record, go on tour, perform at a festival, chart on radio, have a song in a popular network television show, or win an award, it’s an accomplishment for us as well.”

His advice for students isn’t to find something you’re already good at, but instead find something you’re passionate about and then learn to be great at it. “Do something you love.”

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