Career Profile - Corporate Accountant

Amanda Watchorn

After graduating from the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business, Amanda Watchorn wasn’t sure which industry she would like to apply her skills, but she knew that her degree could take her far.

“A business degree is broad-based,” said Watchorn. “If I wanted to work with animals, I could approach it from the business side instead of the medical side. If I wanted to focus on sports, fashion, television, or any other industry, then a business degree would always be beneficial.”

With a keen interest in project management and accounting, Watchorn explored several different industries before discovering the film industry needed people with those skills.

“I contacted some production managers in Vancouver and one of them thought that I should consider the accounting route as many production managers work their way up through accounting.”

After interning with a Manitoba production company, Watchorn landed a job as a corporate accountant for Winnipeg’s Frantic Films where her duties include tracking funding for shows in development, production, or post-production.

No two days are the same working in film, says Watchorn. Many production jobs in the film industry are contract-based, meaning you get to work on new projects every three to six months. For those who thrive on adrenaline, are flexible, and enjoy changing scenery, it’s a great industry to work in.

Hard work and focus landed Watchorn exactly where she wants to be. Her advice for students is to explore all options as you never know what career opportunity might present itself – but you can also choose the industry you want to work in and “go for it.”

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