Career Profile - Sales & Marketing Manager

Maia Schor

Maia Schor doesn’t just build a brand she’s helping to build an industry. As the Sales & Marketing Manager at Hemp Oil Canada, Maia is responsible for increasing awareness and education of hemp food products. Her duties include everything from client calls, meetings, writing marketing strategies, attending trade shows, and developing packaging design.

“There is endless opportunity and constant innovation,” said Maia of the agriculture industry. “It makes the marketing side incredibly exciting!”

It’s a busy job in a bustling industry, but Maia credits the hard work ethic instilled by her parents for inspiring her to always push herself to be the best she could be. “They never let me give up on my goals. Being brought up in that environment taught me never to settle for less than the best or take the easy road,” said Maia.

Maia’s career advice to students is to be flexible and open-minded. While she graduated from the University of Manitoba Asper School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Marketing and International Business, that was not her first plan.

“Growing up, I was sure that I was going to be a lawyer. After my first marketing course, I knew that I had found something that I could be passionate about,” said Maia. “Not going after my ‘dream lawyer job’ was a great decision. Be flexible.”

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