Career Profile - Plumber

Norman Lavallee

Working in trades was something Norman Lavallee always wanted to do. Growing up in Winnipeg and attending Garden City Collegiate he was thinking of a career as a high performance mechanic. “I’ve always known I wanted a career working with my hands,” said Lavallee.

After one year of university, and upon the advice of his cousin, Norman enrolled in the Plumbing program at Red River College where he earned his Red Seal certification. “The biggest highlight of my career would be taking the 5-year Red Seal certificate. With my Red Seal, I am accredited to work anywhere in Canada,” said Lavallee.

Learning to work long hours and managing his time efficiently were challenges Norman overcame quickly on the job. “Being a Plumber is a demanding, but very rewarding career,” he said. “In my field, each and every day is slightly different. It can range from changing a sink to re-piping an entire building.

Now, Norman has started his own company where his business mission is complete customer satisfaction. “It’s a great feeling to fix a problem for a customer, or see their renovation dreams coming to life, and seeing they are satisfied with the work – that’s what drives me,” he added.

Norman credits his parents for instilling the values of hard work, responsibility and self-determination. “They also taught me that hard work pays off and if you don’t work for what you want nobody else is going to do it for you.”

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