Career Profile - Chief Executive Artist

Corey King

Corey King is no stranger to setbacks, but says adaptability, passion and tenacity can take you far.

“I struggled in high school, to the point where I was advised not to take university-bound courses,” said Corey, a film major who graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts. “I took them anyway and worked harder than ever and was successful.”

Corey is the Chief Executive Artist at ZenFri Inc., a creative arts and entertainment company that creates films, video games, and podcasts. Their latest video game project, Clandestine: Anomaly, has attracted significant interest and funding and has sent Corey to conferences and meetings around the world.

“My days vary wildly,” said Corey who also manages the business-end of ZenFri Inc. “While I do the business stuff, it’s worth it for the other half the job which involves coming up with interesting ideas, building and guiding teams of smart and talented people, and trying to execute that idea.”

Starting your own business can be challenging, so setting goals and following through are essential skills to have in addition to the ability to bounce back when life throws setbacks your way.

“The thing that always got me across the finish line was the sheer passion for creative ideas and then seeing those ideas come to fruition,” said Corey. “Believe in yourself.”

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