Employer Profile - Dash Agency

Dash Agency is a communications company specializing in digital and social media. Their mission is to “create innovative work that works”. Dash focuses on making communications from business to consumer more visible, attainable, and as transparent as possible.

Dash employs communications specialists in design, strategic planning and client service. Professionals trained in client and creative services are in highest demand.

Those with an education and training in creative services and who possess relevant life and work experiences are just what Dash Agency is looking for. With the new media industry ever changing, passionate and intelligent people are continuously in demand. Once new team members join the agency, Dash gives them extensive training to help improve and build skills to excel within their role.

The benefits of working at Dash Agency include: vacation time, flexible hours, social events, scheduled ‘telecommute’ days, and a fully-stocked fridge! An ever expanding client base with different needs and project types means every work day is a unique experience.

If you are seeking a career in the new media industry Dash advises to keep current with innovative brands and ways to connect with consumers. Getting involved and building a network within the design, art, and digital media communities is an invaluable asset.