Employer Profile - Complex Games

Complex Games is a leading mobile game development studio with strong expertise in free-to-play game design and monetization. This Manitoba company boasts over 12-years of experience creating & delivering top-selling, award-winning mobile games for some of the world’s largest game publishers and entertainment brands.

CEO and Creative Director, Noah Decter-Jackson says the company employs video game programmers, 3D artists, conceptual artists and project managers. “For technical positions we look for very strong problem solving skills coupled with experience developing games using the Unity 3D Game Engine,” said Decter-Jackson. “Prospective employees should have a portfolio of games developed or in the case of artists a solid art portfolio,”

Complex Games will train qualified candidates on the company’s methods and tools. The forecast is for growth in New Media and the interest in video game development is high.

“We work with big brands such as Disney, Hasbro, Warhammer 40,000, etc. and our staff really enjoy building these large scale, high profile projects,” said Decter-Jackson. “Games are very challenging to build and take time and careful attention to detail but are also a lot of fun to make.”

Noah’s advice to youth looking for a career in New Media is to not rely solely on school-work to get you a job. “Teach yourself to use the free game development tools that are out there and make your own games,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how bad they look, the more you do, the more you will know about the process and you will be able to translate that knowledge on the job.”