Employer Profile - Miller Environmental

Miller Environmental Corporation is a hazardous waste management company with locations in both Winnipeg and the RM of Montcalm south of Winnipeg. Vaughn Bullough, Vice President & General Manager says the company collects all types of hazardous waste excluding nuclear and pathological wastes. “All waste material is safely transported to our processing/treatment facility south of Winnipeg. We also provide environmental assessments, waste audits, technical training and emergency response services,” said Bullough.

“Our company employs a wide variety of skilled workers including accountants, chemists, customer service and sales reps., field technicians, waste processing technicians, and supervisory, management and human resource specialists,” said Bullough. “Significant technical training is provided in a number of positions provided due to the regulatory requirements.”

Employee computer literacy is paramount particularly with strong spreadsheet skills. Chemistry is an integral asset both in the world of organic as well as inorganic materials. Project management skills are also a key to jumping ahead in the line. “A positive attitude and willingness to learn is the most important trait,” added Bullough.

Miller Environmental is a growing organization and they look to hire two new customer service technicians, two technicians, and two Class 1A truck drivers over the next 12-months. “Employees enjoy a respectful workplace and have confidence in the management team to provide rewarding and secure employment opportunities with fair remuneration and career growth,” said Bullough. “Engagement and input is encouraged to improve the way we do business and excellent benefit and pension plans are in place for all employees.”