Employer Profile - Wescan Services

Since 1978 the Wescan Services has been a leader in the construction industry, specifically in the Electrical and Mechanical trades. “There is a wide variety of occupations within our group of companies including electrician, mechanic, voice data operator, security, millwrights, transmission linemen, camp services, engineering and even helicopter services,” said Christopher Henry, Manager, Thompson, Manitoba.

“Apprenticeship training is required in all of our trades. We offer a variety of skills training tailored to each employee’s ability and goals within our company,” adds Henry. “Once they complete their apprenticeship they can then choose how they want to further develop their career.”

Large-scale industrial projects make-up the majority of work for Wescan, including Manitoba Hydro projects. However their projects are wide-ranging from a mid-size retail store construction to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. And there is always a demand for skilled workers.

“Wecan has one of the largest employee retention rates of any company within Manitoba,” said Henry. “Long-term stability and profit sharing are two things our employees enjoy. Wescan believes that our employees make it possible for us to grow and succeed in the industry. In fact, Wecan is 25% employee owned.”

Henry says skilled trades are in huge demand in Manitoba and there are few career paths as financially rewarding as trades. “Young people should take a hard look at careers in the trades,” he said. “After five years as an electrician or mechanic you will be making $80,000 plus per year.”