Employer Profile - Muddy Water Tours

Muddy Water Tours offers an in depth look into Winnipeg’s colourful history. “From the fascinating to the absurd, our tours have experienced it all,” said Owner/Operator Kristen Verin-Treush. “Ride a bus to haunted locations or stroll through the streets hearing tales of true crime, plagues and medical breakthroughs, and the rise and fall of some of Winnipeg’s most famous. We bring Canadian history alive in a unique way.”

There are a variety of employment opportunities at Muddy Waters Tours, including tour guide, administrator, and historical researcher, with paranormal guide being the most popular. “The skills required to work in the tour business are the ability to multi task, creativity, excellent public speaking skills, performing ability, and a good sense of humor,” said Verin-Treush. She adds the company is also looking to employ customer contact personnel and a web design and social media coordinator.

The tour industry is growing as more Americans and other tourists are travelling to Canada for weekend trips or full vacations. The majority of customers however are local.

Kristen says the key benefits of working in tourism are first and foremost the people you meet. “I also love the research component of my job, the freedom to choose what you want to focus on and watching people gain a new insight about our history.”

As an entrepreneur, Kristen says you have to be prepared for anything. “Young people starting out in this business need to have computer/research skills, performance ability, dedication and a willingness for adventure,” said Verin-Treush. “Don’t be afraid to take a chance and put in some serious sweat equity. The benefits are measured by more than just dollars and cents.”