Employer Profile - Cormer Group Industries

Cormer Aerospace and Cormer Defense is a top-ranked strategic partner servicing the global Aerospace and Defense industries since 1989. With expertise in precision high-speed machining of complex structural components, post processing capabilities, integration, assembly, and repair & overhaul; Cormer has a highly skilled workforce and employs nearly 200 workers in Winnipeg, New Brunswick and Querétaro, Mexico.

There are many types of occupations available at Cormer including: Engineering, CNC Machine Operators, CNC Programmers, Quality Control Inspector, Warehouse and Logistics, Finance, HR, and Supply Chain. Currently, CNC Operators and CNC Programmers are in the highest demand.

Cormer looks for people that are very detail orientated and have skills in a fast paced, growing volume production. The Aerospace industry is very meticulous and quality oriented and require workers able to meet those objectives. Cormer ensures all employees are trained in the skills required and updates skills training when necessary.

Cormer offers strong opportunities for current and future employees to develop their careers and grow with the company. The Aerospace industry is advancing in technology and continuously creating new ways for people to become involved.

The Cormer facilities operate 24/7 with flexible hours for employees. The company offers a fast paced environment and embrace innovation and creativity from employees. Cormer also offers comprehensive benefits package and provide many events for employees and their families to socialize outside of work.

As the world continues to globalize, Aerospace is an industry that supports the need for global movement and it is a very reliable and beneficial industry to pursue a career in.

Careers in aviation and aerospace requires a high level of qualifications and skills. Information on education and training options is available by contacting the Manitoba Aerospace Sector Council: www.mbaerospace.ca