The voluntary and non-profit industry in Manitoba is a diverse sector in all of size, employment levels, focus and skill needs. Manitoba has over 8800 organizations classified as non profit. Hospitals, Universities and Colleges account for 1% of organizations but for 48% of revenue.

  • 48% of the organizations have fewer than 10 employees
  • 18% have more than 50 employees
  • 23% of the organizations have fewer than 40% of their employees working full-time while, 27% have more than 80% of their employees working full-time.
  • The sector is also growing in the number of employees. Overall, 44% experienced an increase in employment levels. Only 8% indicated a decrease.

This sector has a wide range of career opportunities but generally some of the skills they require are in organization, management, accounting, financial, fundraising, critical thinking and problem solving at all levels.


Associations / Sector Councils

For more information about career opportunities in the Non-Profit sector, as well as education and training, we encourage you to visit the website below where you will discover more about this industry and what it has to offer.

Manitoba Federation of Non-Profit Organizations Inc.