Employer Profile - Bit Space Development

Bit Space DevelopmentHoused entirely in Manitoba, Bit Space Development Ltd. is an interactive digital media studio that develops high quality Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. Working with clients at Bit Space typically involves a series of exploratory workshops to help identify the best VR/AR solution for their need, and then creating the digital product in-house.

From computer programming, 3D art rendering, project management, marketing, accounting, and more, Bit Space offers a wide variety of employment. The company has a growing need for highly technical project managers, game designers, writers, and programmers.

“[For future growth], three to five years from now we are going to need an increasing amount of quality assurance testers, technical artists, and senior developers who can work on interactive digital media projects,” says Dan Blair, the owner and CEO of Bit Space.

A university level computer science degree or equivalent is required for programming, but experience is also highly valued at Bit Space.

“Bit Space is creating a workplace of the future. If you can demonstrate a high quality of work, we care less about the education,” says Blair. “We also embrace flex hours which allow creativity to happen when it needs to happen. You’re not chained to your desk. Every member at Bit Space can work remotely if needed; all of our tooling does not require being present at the office.”