Employer Profile - ZenFri Inc.

ZenFri Inc. is a creative arts company with a deep passion for storytelling. They produce original content across a variety of media, including interactive media, film, visual arts, video games, and more. 

“From scientific research projects and literature, paintings, poetry and short film, to video games and interactive experiences using AR/VR technologies, we go wherever our ideas take us,” says Corey King, Co-Founder of ZenFri.

In the near future, the company anticipates needing programmers, 3D Artists, game designers and creative producers specializing in games, film or TV. User interface designers and writers, along with supportive roles in the areas of marketing and brand strategy will also be needed.

Above related education or a degree, ZenFri values potential employees with experience or demonstrated ability in the AR/VR field. This company also places a high degree of importance on creativity and seeks out those who are driven to produce to the highest quality standards.

“ZenFri only takes on projects that are fun, creatively challenging and personally rewarding,” says King. “We are not in the business of taking on whatever comes our way, but instead focus on ideas that inspire us. As such, we know that people do their best work when they believe in what they're building and we employ creative people who share a desire to work in a highly innovative and collaborative environment.”