Employer Profile - Canada Sheep & Lamb Farms

Canada Sheep and Land FarmsCanada Sheep & Lamb Farms is a division of the North American Lamb Company. The team is passionate about integrity, safety and innovation, and members are constantly striving to improve and better themselves so they can remain the largest lamb producer in Canada.

The North American Lamb Company's lamb producing expertise is used to help companies throughout the world provide fresh, high quality products to customers. The staff work as a team, and are committed to transforming the ordinary every day.

There are a wide variety of positions at Canada Sheep & Lamb Farms – from: Animal Health Technicians, Feed Technicians, Farm Technicians, Lambing Barn Technicians, Equipment Operators, Barn Managers and Farm Managers. Each of these positions are vital for the growth and health of our lambs. Job opportunities in these positions are:

  • lambing barn animal care
  • general animal health and husbandry
  • assisting in breeding procedures
  • animal movement, treatment, and handling
  • pen cleaning & bedding

"We are always looking for those with a positive attitude, hard work ethic and someone who is punctual and reliable," says Carrie Mello, Human Resource Manager at the North American Lamb Company, "we do in house training with all our employees, however some assets would be, previous experience dealing with animals or working on a farm or breeding operation, as well education experience in agriculture."

"Teamwork and developing a positive work atmosphere are very important to our company. We are a large company with a small business feel."