Employer Profile - Gryd Digital Media

Gryd is a Canadian-born startup committed to driving property tech forward. Their suite of services for the property management industry are segmented into 3 divisions: GrydPark, GrydRent, GrydDigital.

GrydPark is changing the way people park - enabling drivers to find and pre-book parking spots through their advanced parking marketplace app. Gryd's platform utilizes previously unavailable spots from the Property Management industry, and allows for easy and affordable access to those spots with the touch of a button.

GrydDigital provides media and marketing solutions to REITs, property managers, and owners across the country. The network spans across Canada, giving Gryd the ability to handle any volume of national portfolio. Acting as an extension of their client’s marketing department, Gryd assists in filling listings faster with more qualified tenants using cutting edge media technology like virtual reality, 3D tours, photo and 3D virtual staging, and pre-build renders. 

GrydRent’s website, rentwithgryd.com, is an award-winning search platform for prospective tenants looking for a new home and allows property managers a way of seamlessly communicating with them.

Presently, and in the immediate future, Gryd Media is looking for Sales and Account Managers, Customer Service Agents , Web and Mobile Developers, Video & Media Edtitors.

Longer term, Gryd Media forsees future requirements (approximately 3-5 years) for Marketing Coordinators, Account Managers, Bookkeepers, Project Coordinators and Managers, Customer service agents and leads, web and mobile developers, photographers and videographers, video and media editors, product owners and managers, 3D artists, HR specialists.

On the topic of experience and education that would make a potential employee a good candidate towork at Gryd, Operations Manager Kyla Wills weighed in; "for some roles soft skills or previous experience are what is most important; such as sales roles, project managers and customer service. In these roles we look for friendly, confident individuals who are organized and driven."

"For other roles that are more technical such as developers, editors and photographers, we typically look for either post-secondary eduction in the field or significant experience if self-taught."

Quotes from staff at Gryd Media:

"Genuinely cares about diversity and inclusion" — "The opportunity to help kick-off a company that is relatively new and grow along side it!" — "Flat organization / low hierarchy" — "Fosters a positive learning environment and encourages everyone to have forward thinking" — "Welcomes people with non-traditional backgrounds and helps them grow along with the company"